Why would you want to leave your pet at home while you are away on vacation? Can you really trust the sitter you have to be reliable, dependable and actually care for your furry family member while you are away? Dog daycare gives owners an excellent option to give your dog plenty of safe and healthy fun, exercise and mental stimulation while you're away. Then, you can enjoy coming home to your very tired and happy pup. Next to potty training, “socialization” is one of the most critical training necessities in a dog's life. That is why Dr Rebecca Morrison, owner of Camp Pet Vet and Pet Vet Animal Hospital, decided we needed a local, trustworthy, and clean facility to watch your babies while you are away on vacation or at work.

Want to see our facility? We have an open door policy, that means you can stop by any time we are open and we will show you around! 




We teach reward-based, force-free dog training. We will show you how to teach your dog to be a happy, well-behaved, and reliable companion.

Grooming is an important aspect to your pets health and well-being. Our groomer will ensure that your pet gets the best first class personal attention they deserve!

Bring your pet to us while you’re gone, and rest easy knowing they are having just as much (or more!) fun than you while you are gone!


​Why choose Camp Pet Vet?

We Have It All!! 

Day Care is an excellent way to socialize your dog to new things, keep them active/ entertained while you are are gone, and to provide a constructive outlet for their energy.